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For any questions pertaining to this application, please contact: Brandon Luna (

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I don't know or have forgotten my password. How do I reset it?
Answer: You can request a password reset by visiting this page.

Question: The dates/times associated with my submitted material seem to be a few hours off. Why is this?
Answer: This happens when we are unaware of your local timezone. Please set your timezone in your account settings page.

Question: Where can I find the Scholars application in PDF format?
Answer: There is no PDF version of the Scholars application. For requirements, please see the first page of the Scholars Online Application.

Question: My application code isn't working...
Answer: It is case-sensitive, make sure you are entering EXACTLY as provided.

Question: I am having trouble getting past the signature page...
Answer: In ADDITION to typing in your full name, you will need to use your mouse to sign the line marked "Signature".

Question: Why haven't I received a confirmation e-mail which says that I have completed my application?
Answer: Please be sure to hit the "Submit" button at the bottom of your application.

Question: Can I print a download of my application to review before submission?
Answer: Yes, there is a button to do so under your avatar on the right side of the application page.

Technical problem? Please fill out a support request form for assistance.