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The First Tee is excited for another year of exciting national participant opportunities! In order to apply for any participant opportunity in 2020, you will need to create a FluidReview account by clicking the "Sign Up" button in the box to the right. If you are a retuning user, you will not need to sign up for another account, instead just “Sign In” to FluidReview.  

The online application is to be completed by The First Tee participants, with guidance from chapter staff. If you are a chapter staff member, DO NOT create an account and complete an application; instead, refer your selected participants to this webpage and have them create their own account to complete their application. Failure to comply will result in the application being disqualified.   

Before proceeding please make sure that you have the "Application Code", provided from your chapter staff member, for the opportunity that you are applying for and also ensure that you have all the information you need to complete the application on-hand (such items include electronic copies of any letters of recommendation, transcripts, and the Chapter Participation Survey.) The Chapter Participation Survey must be completed by a chapter staff member and can be found on The First Tee chapter intranet.

If you have any questions please refer to the "Help" link at the top-right portion of the webpage to contact the administrator and view Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

To access the "Step-By-Step Guide to Using FluidReview" or any other reference documentation, please refer to the "Reference" link at the top-right portion of the webpage.

Good luck!